Spring Kayak Expeditions

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I think we can all agree there is no better time for those interested in the future of our environment to get back to basics to celebrate our natural environment while collaborating on ways to keep our progress intact. Upstream Alliance is hosting three paddling trips this Spring. Join us!

April 21-23, Delaware River, Theme:  Celebrating the Clean Water Act on Earth Day Weekend

This year’s Delaware River trip will celebrate the waterways in and around Philadelphia and Camden, New Jersey.  These waterways that were worshiped for over 5,000 years by the Lenni-Lenape Native Americans, and then became toxic sewage nightmares, have returned to some of their former glory thanks to the Clean Water Act.   This trip is co-hosted with the Independence Seaport Museum, where we will stay both nights on the historic Olympia. Friday, we put in near the headwaters of Big Timber Creek, whose watershed drains much of Camden County, paddling 11.5 miles to the Delaware River, and another 5 miles upriver to Olympia in the heart of “Old City” Philadelphia.  Saturday, we paddle up the Delaware River and Pennsauken Creek to its headwaters, and back to Olympia, for an 18 mile round trip.  On Sunday, we paddle up the Delaware River to the Cooper River, through the heart of Camden City for a 5.5 mile trip.  Total paddling distance is 31 miles, but with a tide assist, it will feel like 20.

May 5-7, Potomac River, Theme:  Political Leadership, Looking Back and Forward

This trip is in partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Commission and hosted by Tayloe Murphy, the longtime environmental leader and political champion for the Chesapeake Bay.  We are inviting policy makers to join the expedition in hopes the experience and discussions can reinforce the political calculus needed for the Bay.  We will camp Friday on Tayloe and Helen Murphy’s farm, with expansive views on the Potomac, appropriate as we look forward to what’s needed, and on Saturday at the mouth of the Yeocomico River, another magic riverfront location.   Friday, we start in the afternoon, paddle 6 miles from Nomini Creek to the Potomac and to the Murphy’s farm.  Saturday, we paddle 15 miles to the Yeocomico River.  Sunday, we paddle 3.5 miles up the Yeocomico River to the Kinsale Museum for the Take Out.  Each night there will be bonfire discussions co-led by Tayloe Murphy and Ann Swanson, Director of the Commission.

June 9-11, Delaware Bay, Theme:  Horseshoe Crabs

This is the expected climax of the horseshoe crab migration and spawn in Delaware Bay, the East Coast’s epicenter, and the trigger to a massive shorebird migration.  This is a world class phenomenon, and if you have not witnessed it, you must.  Friday, we will paddle down the Murderkill River, a narrow marshy creek, 9.5 miles to South Bowers Beach for camping.  Day Two is paddling 13 miles along the Delaware River shoreline to Slaughter Beach. Day Three is paddling 5 miles to the mouth of the Misspillion River, and take out.  Delaware Bay is not paddle friendly when windy, so we will adjust the itinerary as needed.  We are delighted to have a backup beach cottage on Slaughter Beach, in the event mosquitoes, no see ums or flies mandate us to spend the night indoors. Expect to paddle up to 28 miles.

These are not Olympic expeditions.  We adjust the schedule and pace to the group. No prior experience is required.  We can provide kayaks and camping gear if needed. All you need is a thirst for expedition, an interest to be with like-minded educators, advocates, writers, scientists, and artists, and a willingness to consider being part of a network to work towards a healthy environment for the next generation.

Interested? Contact: Erica Baugh, Program Director, Upstream Alliance, Erica@upstreamalliance.org