September 9-October 10, 2015: Paddlers circumnavigated the Delmarva Peninsula! Check out the expedition’s daily biological diversity and water quality data.


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Upstream Alliance leaders are joining with representatives from the next generation of environmental leaders on a 30-day journey to circumnavigate the 500-mile Delmarva Peninsula by sea kayak.

This is a voyage of rediscovery. Retracing a route taken by Upstream Alliance leaders ten years ago, the expedition is investigating what’s changed in the last decade and are looking ahead to the next one. The paddlers are examining changes, good and bad, hopeful and sobering, wrought on the environment where many of us make our lives and livings. As they do so, the team is sharing what they discover with citizens and students across the country.

The travelers are chronicling their trip, weaving together science and personal perspectives, through this website, blog, and social media (facebook, instagram, and twitter). Along the way, they are also collecting data on fish populations and water quality. This citizen science data is being used by educators and students, including 8th grade science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) students from Old Mill Middle School. These students are using the data as part of a real-world, live-time science investigation of local environmental issues. Through a national communications campaign, the stories and data will engage the next generation of stewards and leaders to raise dialogue about where the environment is headed.

While some themes are sobering others are hopeful! The adventurers are touring the successes and failures of an ongoing world-class effort to restore the Chesapeake Bay in the face of burgeoning human populations. Expedition themes include how water quality impacts the fishing industry, how climate change induced sea level rise affects shoreline erosion, how conservation policy can impact coastal development, and how conservation and restoration are helping plant (sea grass) and wildlife (rockfish) populations rebound. As always the explorers also find hope and joy in simply being on the water, in nature, and on the edge.

Check out abc, cns, and cbs media coverage of the expedition launch on September 9, 2015 at Sandy Point State Park! If you are an environmental leader looking to learn more, add your voice to the conversation or to participate in this or future journeys, please contact us!

Read about Upstream Alliance and the Delmarva Circumnavigation in Bay Journal article, August 10, 2015.


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3 Day Trips-Ongoing
Upstream Alliance offers three day kayaking expeditions to a network of environmental leaders AND to all emerging leaders that can grow the network in coming decades. This fall, join us for the Delmarva Circumnavigation launch on September 9th, November 6-8th on the Choptank River or December 4-6th on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.
Would you love to get to know some of the environmental leaders that have been shaping the Bay for decades? Are you a passionate advocate for the environment, early in your career? Love paddling (or want to learn?) Join us!